About Anna Maria - Anna Maria

Anna Maria is a photographer, writer, teacher and world nomad. She has lived, traveled, volunteered and worked throughout fifteen countries, across five continents. Anna Maria was born to a Greek-American family in New England, USA, but relocated to New York City as a young adult. Anna Maria has taken travel writing and photography courses through MatadorU. Her written and photographic work has been published on Matador Network, Sonderers Magazine, The Bali Advertiser and Hello Bali. She currently lives in Greece, but will always call New York City home.

Anna Maria has been hired to shoot cultural ceremonies, events, weddings and private photo sessions. She has also sold prints of her work. Prints of Anna Maria's photos can be bought here, directly from the website. Anna Maria is available for hire, but please contact her for location and availability, comments, questions or just to say hello. 

Anna Maria believes that camera equipment can be bought, craft can be taught and technique can be developed. But a keen eye and unique perspective are gifts that one is born with. Anna Maria was blessed to have been born with those gifts. Anna Maria's reason for traveling, is to gain a perspective on life and humanity that could not be found within her own comfort zone. She wishes to continue to travel with purpose and document her experiences, to help deteriorate stereotypes, preserve nature, reveal the humanity that exists in everyone and inspire others to also travel. Her main interests in travel and photography are landscapes, nature, people, music, food and city streets. She believes that beauty lives in everyone and everything. It is her mission as a photographer to reveal the beauty in subjects that  one might commonly dismiss. There is nothing Anna Maria loves more than getting lost with her camera, and then lost in the moment.